PB pipe

These are Fenghe’s PB pipes. Our technician will present to you how the heat fusion process is delivered to the PB pipes.

PB pipe’s features:
a. Since PB pipe is a high-density polyethylene, which features stable molecule structure, they may be used for 50 to 100 years.
b. PB pipe is UV and corrosion resistant, so it is free from UV and microorganism damage.
c. Good thermal resistance and cold resistance: PB pipe has good impact resistance at -20℃, which means that it does not crack at low temperature and it may recover it’s original shape when it is thaws. In addition, it also tolerates high temperatures up to 100℃.

PB pipes

PB pipes and pipe fittings are high-density polyethylene, which has stable molecule structure and long service life for 50 to 100 years. Meanwhile, PB pipes will not be corroded by UV and microorganism, and are highly resistant to both high temperature and low temperature. For example, it has good impact resistance at -20℃, and good performance at 100℃.

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