Production Capacity

All the raw materials of Fenghe’s pipes and pipe fittings are supplied by renown enterprises at home and abroad, such as Beijing Yanshan petrochemical and HYOSUNG (South Korea), ensuring the high quality of our raw materials. This also ensures the production of high-quality pipes and pipe fittings.
The raw materials are stored in a raw material warehouse, which spans an area of nearly 1,000 square meters.

Today, Fenghe’s production facilities are fully equipped with 5 PP-R production lines, which are outfitted with automatic production equipment. This advanced production equipment enjoys stable operation and high production capacity, supporting a yearly production of 30 million meters of pipes of diverse standards. The finished PP-R pipes are qualified for diverse standards, such as the appearance, light transmittance, hygiene, pressure resistance level, etc. After production, inkjet printing is completed, allowing easier product tracking.
Fenghe has 5 aluminum plastic composite pipe production lines, which enable an annual production capacity of 20 million meters.
During aluminum plastic composite pipe’s production, the ratio of different materials and the quality of aluminum strips are strictly controlled. These products are delivered in accordance with European standards. In this way, the security and durability of your household aluminum plastic pipes is well guaranteed.

Additionally, in the hardware workshop, there are over 60 pieces of automatic CNC equipment, providing a daily production of 2T of hardware products. Meanwhile, our CNC equipment ensures the high precision of our finished hardware products.
Fenghe has wisely invested in ten professional injection molding machines, allowing qualified appearance and welded junctions. Thus, high-quality PP-R pipes are provided.

Production capacity

Fenghe is outfitted with a raw material workshop with more than 1,000 square meters. Raw materials stored in the workshop are mainly introduced by Hyosung from South Korea, Yanshan from Beijjing and other famous brands in China and overseas market.

  • Raw material workshop
  • Imported raw materials

In PP-R plastic pipe production workshop, there are five production lines, which support an annual production of 30 million meters. Color master batch, raw material and machining technology are all in strict accordance with European standards. Besides that, the external appearance, light penetration, hygiene, pressure resistance and other properties all passed the tests delivered by national authorities.

  • PP-R plastic pipe production workshop

PP-R pipe production line was introduced by Zhejiang Shuanglin Plastic Machinery. And finished PP-R pipes are of high quality and of diverse standards.

  • Feeding zone of PP-R pipe production line

After sending extruded plastic pipes to pipe calibration sleeve, they will be transferred to vacuum sizing tank, which enables a high sizing accuracy for our plastic pipes.

  • Pipe sizing

Fenghe adopts Willett inkjet printer, which allows for a clear printing for product models, executive standards and production dates.

  • Inkjet printing technology

PP-R pipe production line enables an automatic operation, and it could be used to manufacture plastic pipes with different dimensions and to pack plastic pipes according to customers’ requirements.

  • Pipes have same length and smooth cutting
  • Pipe winding technology

In Fenghe, there are 5 aluminum plastic composite pipe production lines, which enable an annual production capacity of 20 million meters.
Meanwhile, strict quality control is carried out for raw materials and aluminum strips supplying, and the whole production process. Therefore, the finished aluminum plastic pipes are in well accordance with the national standards.

  • Full view of aluminum plastic composite pipe production workshop
  • The operation of aluminum plastic composite pipe production line

Pipe traction unit highly controls the traction speed for aluminum plastic pipe, which enables uniform tension rate for the pipe’s interior wall and external wall. After pipe traction, the pipe’s interior wall and exterior wall could be of same thickness. Besides that, the diameter of aluminum plastic composite pipe is 16-32mm, and the traction speed is 9m/min.

  • Ultrasonic welder for shaping
  • External layer’s gluing
  • Pipes’ traction

After pipe winding, finished aluminum plastic composite pipe could be packed orderly in batches, which provides much convenience for pipe packaging and delivery.

  • Pipe winding

Fenghe’s hardware workshop is equipped with automatic CNC lathes, automatic hydraulic machines and pneumatic machines for more than 60 pieces. These advanced machines highly guarantee the high machining accuracy and operation stability of pipes. Besides that, the dimensions and accuracy of our pipes are in strict accordance with national standards. Moreover, these machines also enable a high daily production capacity, which arrives to 2 T.

  • Hardware workshop

In Fenghe, CNC lathes are adopted to cut hardware, allowing a high cutting precision. Meanwhile, one sophisticated operator could handle three CNC lathes at the same time, which enables a high production capacity. Therefore, one-round operation from feeding to discharging only takes one single minute.

  • One operator for three CNC lathes
  • Automatic machining equipment

Laser marking provides plastic pipes clear and beautiful printed characters and less abrasion on the basis of not sacrificing the original features of raw materials.

  • Laser marking

Fengh’s PP-R pope production workshop is equipped with ten specially-designed injection molding machines. And all the molds are manufactured by professional mold manufacturers. These actions provide our PP-R pipes with attractive appearance and good welded junction, which fully meets the national requirement.

  • PP-R plastic pipe production workshop

The injection molding machine is now processing male straight connector of 32*1 inch, which is one of the PP-R pipe fittings. After the processing, male straight connector will feature smooth and attractive appearance. Meanwhile, the insert of male straight connector also are eco-friendly and hygiene, and they fully meets the requirements of national standards.

  • Injection molding for male straight connector
  • Taking out the male straight connector

After detailed tests, PP-R pipe fittings will be packed into the box according to customers’ requirements.

  • Detection, packaging and sealing for plastic pipe fittings
  • Packaging for the qualified pipe fittings

Fenghe’s finished product warehouse covers an area of 1,500 square meters. Different products are placed in different zones. The finished products on above pictures are about to delivery from Port of Ningbo when they are transferred on containers.

  • Finished pipe fittings are ready to ship
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